Through Energy Innovations Collaborative programs, you can:

  • Offset costs: Take advantage of cash incentives for energy-saving equipment and services. The rebates will help you save on upfront costs of energy-efficient products. High-efficiency equipment will help you save for years to come.

  • Improve property value: Did you know energy-efficient products and services can prevent mold, ice dams, and hot or cold rooms? Proper insulation, efficient heating, and cooling systems, and ENERGY STAR lighting and appliance are just a few elements that can boost a home’s annual energy savings and overall comfort.

  • Be more productive and comfortable: Energy-efficient businesses tend to have healthier, more productive employees. Residents report feeling better in their homes.


Are you considering a remodeling project or looking for ways to spruce up your living space? Are new appliances or new lighting products on your shopping list? Choose qualifying ENERGY STAR® or Energy Optimization eligible options and you may earn cash incentives to help you save money now and for years to come.

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Commercial & Industrial

The Commercial & Industrial Program offers incentives on simple prescriptive measures or you can participate in our custom measures for innovative and more complex energy-efficiency projects that are unique to your business. For custom projects, contact us to get started.

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Electric Vehicles

Charging an EV is cheaper than filling up a gasoline or diesel- powered car. No need to stand in the elements to fill up your car, charge at home overnight while you sleep. Rebates are available for the purchase of a new EV and Level 2 Chargers.

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Solar PV

New solar technologies are capturing more and more of the sun’s rays. EIC offers $300 per kW to add solar to your home or business. There may also be state and federal rebates available.

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Beneficial Electrification

Reducing the need for fossil fuels in your home or business can mean your electrical panel needs an upgrade. Get paid for upgrading your electrical panel and for eliminating all existing oil, propane, or natural gas service to go all electric.

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