The Michigan Energy Innovations Collaborative provides financial incentives to make energy-efficient upgrades more affordable.

Rebates for all your energy-efficiency upgrades.

As demand for energy increases with modern technology, consumers have a growing appreciation for the benefits of energy-efficient products and services. Fortunately, saving energy does not have to mean sacrificing comfort, quality, or convenience. The Energy Innovations Collaborative program rewards customers for these efforts with cash-back incentives.



Electric Vehicles

Solar PV

Beneficial Electrification

Incentives are available for ENERGY STAR LEDs and appliances. Also update your home’s heating and cooling system to stay comfortable year-round, while saving energy and money.  

One of the best ways for a business to increase profits is to reduce overhead expenses. By participating, you can identify the best ways to save energy and reduce costs. 

Keep the UP beautiful with an EV. With less overall maintenance, less emissions, and more convenience when it comes to fueling your vehicles, EVs are the right choice for many families. 

Harnessing solar power is easier than ever with installation costs continually decreasing. Increasing the amount of solar power helps you and your community by reducing the amount of energy needed from power plants.

Reducing the fossil fuel usage in your home or business can mean that your electrical panel needs an upgrade to handle the increased electric loads. Rebates available for electrical panel upgrades and customers who go all electric.