The Michigan Energy Innovations Collaborative provides financial incentives to make electric energy upgrades more affordable.

As demand for energy increases with modern technology, consumers have a growing appreciation for the benefits of energy-efficient products and services. Fortunately, saving energy does not have to mean sacrificing comfort, quality, or convenience. The Energy Innovations Collaborative rewards customers for these efforts with cash-back incentives. Through the Residential and Commercial programs, you can:

  • Offset costs: Take advantage of cash incentives for energy-saving equipment and services. The rebates will help you save on upfront costs of energy-efficient products. High-efficiency equipment will help you save for years to come.
  • Improve property value: Did you know energy-efficient products and services can prevent mold, ice dams, and hot or cold rooms? Proper insulation, efficient heating, and cooling systems, and ENERGY STAR lighting and appliance are just a few elements that can boost a home’s annual energy savings and overall comfort.
  • Be more productive and comfortable: Energy-efficient businesses tend to have healthier, more productive employees. Residents report feeling better in their homes.


Are you considering a remodeling project or looking for ways to spruce up your living space? Home electric energy upgrades can help you stay comfortable year-round, while saving energy and money. Rebates are available for ENERGY STAR LEDs and appliances, electric yard equipment, heating and cooling, beneficial electrification, solar PV, and electric vehicles.


One of the best ways for a business to increase profits is to reduce overhead expenses. Save energy and reduce costs when you upgrade the electrical equipment you rely on to keep your business running. Rebates are available for lighting, kitchen and food service equipment, electrification, solar PV, electric vehicles, compressed air equipment, agribusiness equipment, and more.

Download the custom measures application for more complex projects unique to your business.